Importance of Mobile Web Design for your business – Cohesive Web Design Located In Greenville SC

What is the importance of mobile web design for your business? Every business should have a website, whether a restaurant or a sporting goods store. The website does not have to be the end all marketing tool for the business. With that being said, it should be made with simplicity in mind, while still offering all of the information to the visitor. Anyone building up a website should keep in mind their visitors devices. So when a site is built, it should be tested on a laptop, desktop, tablet, as well as a cellphone. This is to make sure the site renders well with these hardware setups. Many people elect to build a website for their mobile visitors. This can be very helpful and should be considered by any serious business. Here is why it can certainly bring you more business, and how to maximize your mobile site.

People visiting a mobile web site are more likely at the site for a reason. They want information on the business or product, this is because when a visitor uses a cell phone, they are certainly not just browsing the internet. This is why the front page of a site should have the hours of the business and the address of the business. Going further, adding generalized directions can help, for example a freeway exit number. Mobile users are going on their phone and wanting to get the information then be done.

Since mobile users want to get information when you design the site, make the site navigable from any page. Meaning, if you are on the contact page, make it easy to get back to the front, just by putting simple navigation links to the home page, or other pertinent pages. This is important so the user can get the information quickly, without becoming frustrated.

Remember that a mobile site should be basic, and easy to load. Forego having flash, or large images, or sound. Just a simple site with all of the information needed for the customer. The non mobile website of a business can be more exciting with all the bells and whistles, but not a mobile version. Because a lot of web users are using cell phones to use the internet, it is so important to have a mobile version of the site. Simply put, any business where communication is key, a mobile web site is needed. If not, you could be losing customers to other businesses who have a mobile site.
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How do I separate my content from my web design? – Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC

How do I separate my content from my web design, a question that needs to be clear. This requires infrastructure needed to produces a great working site that can capture visitor into becoming customers. The Usability of the web site for visitor’s to use includes run programs with specified needs.

How do you separate my content from web design? The main idea is that separating the content from how it is presented means to allowing development to give the ability to change the website’s appearance, whenever it is needed without redoing the entire content structure.

Technology for dealing with this is called CSS or (Cascading Style Sheets), which has recently been introduced. The way CSS handles a web page’s presentation is that it allows the developer to define style for each html tag. The CSS style can be interacted with most existing browsers today.

The internet standards encourage the use of CSS for enhancing ability to control the look and feel of a web page. This style of options added to the CSS system, have not been added to the HTML. This move forced web developers to use CSS system to make an attractive web page. This allows for the separation of the principle of content in a website design. Today CSS is widely supported by major web browsers systems.

The separation of content from presentation deals with the styling aspects, and the browser compatibility. Styling issues were the first area to be dealt with by developers and designers. The complexity of systems becomes constantly more difficult to give maintenance too. A goal is to define a program language so that systems can interface with each other and provide needed exchange of information.

To present the content in a standard way as to separate it from any design elements was the needed ingredient. The three big major players SUN, IBM, and Microsoft, finally came together to do this. With this, they agreed that XML become a standard and has been adopted by content providers.

Unfortunately the concept has not been fully implemented. To clarify this, CSS handles the styling functions, and the XML deals with the document content. Everyday there are thousands of new websites published. New web pages are being added everyday by the millions to the global database. Changing the page background, and color might not keep their website fresh enough to compete with other websites. XSL was introduced to solve this issue. XSL is a great way to describe a web page layout so that changing is easy and effective.
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Web Design Tips For Your First Design Project – Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SCnville

Today we are going to talk about the top tips to know while making a website.  First off, web design is not just something where you can buy a $9 hosting package with Godaddy or Hostgator and then turn on their site builder and “let ‘er fly.” You actually have to know how to design a little bit.  There are some important things to keep in mind when designing your first website…

1. Be Original – Don’t copy anyone else’s work when creating a website. If your client finds out that you copied another person’s website they will be highly upset.  Not to mention that it is actually copyright law not to copy original work anywhere on the web.

2. Have A Goal In Mind – When designing your first website, you need to have a goal in mind.  Something for the visitor to do once he/she actually gets to your website.  Do you want them to call a number, fill out a contact form, submit a request, signup for your newsletter, or download a brochure?  It doesn’t matter what the goal is but if you keep this in mind when designing the website, it will help you design in a way to increase your client’s conversion rate.

3. Optimize Your Website’s Images – Website load time is a factor in search engine optimization.  But that’s not the type of optimization I am talking about right now.  I am talking about uploading smaller image.  Don’t just take a 6 MB JPEG that your client gave you and upload it to your website expecting for it not to matter.  You will want to take that 6 MB JPEG into Adobe Photoshop or some other similar program, adjust the size to 1,000 pixels wide, and scale the quality back to 80%.  The resulting file will be about 100kb – 150kb. Significantly smaller than your original file.  Your web page will load much quicker and result in better SEO ranking with Google (and the others of course).

4. Pick A Good Host – Picking the wrong website hosting company could be the death of your website or the best thing since sliced bread.  You should always read tons of reviews before choosing a product.  The same is true with web hosting.  We started out on JustHost a year ago and recently switched to HostGator.  JustHost always went down around 10 am. I am not sure if they are in another country and do maintenance at midnight local time or what but it is horrible.  Now to HostGator.  They are the freakin best thing ever created.  The backbone to their service are hardcore servers that are the best in the industry, you always get someone on the phone that speaks english, and they are always lightening fast.  If you need a good hosting company, choose HostGator.

5. Be Ready To Give Great Customer Support – Your client will always come back for some changes to their site.  Make sure you are in a position to help.  Its up to you whether or not to do these changes for free.  To service your web clients properly, pickup your phone, be polite (no matter what they say) and try to make their changes in a timely manner.  Don’t just put them off until next week and think that you will remember after your long weekend trip to the lake.

6. Always Ask For A Referral – In order to get another client, you need to find another lead.  Ask your first client if he/she knows anyone else that is looking to create a website.  If they do know someone, make sure to contact that person and use your first website job as a reference.
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Cohesive Web Design Located In Greenville SC Discusses Creating A Strategic Marketing Plan To Increase Business

One of the best things you can have for your business is a strong marketing plan which includes SEO Greenville SC.  Don’t make it complicated by adding a bunch of “mumbo jumbo” language to it.  People say “K.I.S.S.” (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best method with marketing plans.  So focus on who you are, what services you provide, who needs those services, and how you are planning on getting your target market’s attention.  It’s no enough just to have a marketing plan.  You actually have to put it into action.  Here are seven steps to follow to help you build the perfect marketing plan:

Step 1: Target A Specific Market – Try to focus on a specific market that you are wanting to service.  Hone in on the ideal customer for you in the most detailed way possible.  It’s not enough to say “I am going to sell shoes to everyone!”  You have to think of sell running shoes to athletes.  When you create a specialized strategy like this, it is easy to know how to specifically market to your customers and where you should spend your marketing dollars.

Step 2: Think About Your Position – You absolutely have to figure out what you do well and what your target market is needing.  You need to find out why your customers use your service or buy your product.  Once you figure that out, duplicate it for everyone else in your target market.

Step 3: Educate Your Market:  You will need to create or recreate educational material on your website.  Peoples sometimes don’t know why they need your product or service.  Tell them why.  “9 out of 10 people wear the wrong running shoes and end up developing joint misconfigurations.” (or whatever the case may be).  Educate your customer on why they need your product.  Create the value and they will buy your product.

Step 4: Never Call Prospects Without Educating First – You want to educate your target market and have them ask for more information. How many times have you cold called prospects and been REALLY successful.  Not to many times right?  The potential customer you call is almost always not ready, still thinking about it, or flat out says “NO!”  The best leads are the ones that call you with cash in hand.  Educate them on why they need your product and get them to contact your for more information when they are ready.

Step 5: Any Press Is Good Press – You need to find a local newspaper that would be willing to cover your business when you launch new, “life changing” products or start an effort that will change the community. “Local Company XYZ sells shoes that create orphanages.” A headline like that will create awareness about your company and it says that you really care.  Then people won’t care about the price tag.  They will buy because you are doing something that makes a difference.

Step 6: Referrals Can Build Your Business – You should work your networks and current clients to give you referrals for anyone else that might be interested in your services.  If you have 20 clients and they all have 1 referral that is potentially 20 new clients for you! That’s the power of affiliate marketing.

Step 7: Create An Action Calendar – Once you work through all of the other steps for your marketing plan, you need to setup a calendar with actionable items on their.  If you setup in Google Calendar, you can event setup alerts to remind you do do certain things throughout the year.  This is extremely helpful especially when you are extremely busy and will keep your marketing plan on track.
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Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville, SC talks about the importance of video production on your website

Whether you are just putting together your website or you find that you need to revamp a website that simply is not doing you any favors, you need to think about adding video. While there are plenty of arguments against adding video to your website design, it is important to remember that those videos are typically about people who implement video poorly. When you take the time to implement a video production in a concise and conscious fashion, it is a serious advantage for your business.

In the first place, video engages more senses than text. When you have a text-only site, you’ll find that the people who come to it are only engaged visually. Even adding a few good images will not change that. Because they are only engaged visually, it will be easier to lose them to other distractions. If you have video on your site, you are engaging them both visually and through audible channels. Because of this, your content requires more of their attention, making it more likely that they will stay to listen to you.

You will also find that having a video of yourself on your website creates an immediate bond between you and the viewer. Suddenly, you are not simply a few lines of text on a web page; you are a real person, and they have a closer association with you than they would have otherwise. It is easy to dismiss something that you read; it is less easy to dismiss something that someone tells you, no matter who it is. When you appear on the screen and you talk directly to the viewer, you are creating an exchange that is more intimate than text.

It increases the technology level of your site. When people search on the Internet, whether they are looking for goods or a consultation service, they expect the sites that they go to to be professional. With plenty of big sites adding video content, is this something that you can afford to miss out on? The nice thing about video is that it is associated with big companies, though any savvy smaller company can add it to their repertoire. If you want to make sure that your site looks professional, this is one way to do it.

Using video on your site will also increase the chances that people will be able to to find you on the search engines. Google and the other search engines do index video media, and as long as you tag your videos accordingly, you can get more hits.

At the end of the day, the key is to make sure that your website is as attractive and as compelling to your customers as possible, so consider what video can do for you. Putting video on your site is a relatively small investment, but it can make an enormous difference in the way that people see you.
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Steps To Increase Your Marketing Efforts Online – Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC

So you are a business owner…but you are also a consumer.  As you drive down the road do you notice any billboards?  Do you throw away marketing fliers and brochures when they reach you in the mail?  They say “Half of all marketing dollars are wasted. You just don’t know which half.”  I would probably be willing to bet that number may be higher than we fear.

Here are some ways you can spend money, or time if you are a DIY person, more wisely to market your business this year…

1. Get Rid Of The Billboard – No one pays attention while they are driving down the road.  Especially to billboards.  They are using texting (which we don’t endorse), talking on the phone or even reading an actual book.  That’s right.  I have actually seen with my own eyes someone actually rid down the road with a book propped up on the steering wheel.  Do you think people have time to look at your ad?  Much less have time to understand your message and/or write down your phone number in the 5 seconds as they pass by and try to scramble for a pen.

2. Focus On Your Main Website – Your website is absolutely the best form of marketing for a few reasons:

  • You can change the information on your website and do not have to pay another fee to reprint the material
  • It can engage your visitors with videos and animations
  • It can collect and store information in a database to search later
  • It can create membership model where your customers can have access to a plethora of information

3. Optimize Your Website – Unlike a billboard, people who are searching key terms in the search engines are actually seeking out you for your services.  If you are no where to be found in the search engines because you aren’t doing search engine marketing, you can kiss your marketing leads goodbye.  The leads that are coming from the search engines are free leads (if you are in the actual search results) and they are actual people that are looking for your services.  It’s like someone knocking on your door tell you they want to buy your product! That’s way better than the guy reading the book and not paying attention to your marketing plan in the sky.

4. Look At Your Email Signature – Believe it or not, simply putting a phone number and website URL in your email footer could be the most simplest effective change you could ever make.  Think about how many emails you send out every day.  Now if it was simple for someone to get in touch with you they might actually call or visit your website.  Any email from you now becomes a marketing touch.

You can make some simple changes this year that could affect your marketing in a big way.
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Effective Web Design – Ways To Make Your Visitors Say “Wow” with Cohesive Web Design in SC

Web design plays a pivotal role on the Internet. If an individual or business wishes to find success with a website, a decent layout is crucial. However, some people carry little awareness on the subject of benefits. What are the benefits of effective web design? Why would a company or individual receive a reasonable return from the investment? The information below may help explain the benefits of effective web design.

1. The Website Will Stand Out From the Competition

If a website appears similar to other websites on the Internet, standing out is a difficult task. A business may suffer if it cannot capture an audience. However, effective web design ensures that the website will not look like other websites. The website will have unique features; on top of this, the layout may adhere to the overall message and reputation of the business.

2. Navigating Through the Website Is Easy

Effective web design ensures that potential customers will understand the navigation of the website. It is not uncommon for businesses to select layouts that have complicated components. The layout may have many links or bright colors; as a result, customers may be confused about where they should go to get information. This is dangerous. A business should go out of its way to make sure that people can navigate the website without trouble. When a layout is clear, fewer problems may arise. Customers may tell friends and family members about the website. This leads to more attention and publicity.

3. The Business Appears Professional

It is necessary for a business to appear professional. However, a business may not appear to be professional if the website has a poor layout. Some businesses believe that a quality website is not necessary; these businesses hold to the idea that customers simply wish for outstanding service and nothing else. This is not necessarily the case. Though wonderful service is paramount, a website should convey the idea that a business is serious about keeping customers. The business should convey the message that it is willing to adapt with new technology. A professional web designer knows that an attractive layout contributes to the overall standing of the business.

The Internet is a favored method for interacting with people, shopping, and performing many other tasks. Because of its popularity, websites have trouble standing out. If a business does not gather an audience, it may not meet goals and deadlines. When a business hires a professional web design company, it ensures that success is likely. Effective web design creates many benefits. A business appears professional; the layout of the website is also easier to navigate and understand. If a business is unsure about its options, the information above may prove to be useful.
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Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville, SC talks about how website load time can affect your search engine results

Search engine optimization has evolved in many exciting ways over the past few decades. While early search engines could be effective at looking for certain key words or phrases, modern search engines use a variety of different techniques to determine the reputation of a website. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to improve the ranking of a website based on load times.

Website load times can have a significant impact on the ranking of a website. While major search engine companies like Google and Bing won’t provide information about their search engine algorithms, several studies have shown that websites with longer load times often rank lower than web sites with shorter load times. This may be due to a variety of factors. For example, web sites that are posted on a low quality provider usually have lower quality information than websites hosted on a reliable server. For example, the servers for a government website are often going to deliver better performance than the servers for a personal website. Because of this, Google and Microsoft often determine the value of a website based on its load times.

It’s also important to make sure that a website isn’t posted on a bad server. For example, there are some web hosts that provide services to pornographic websites and hacking websites. If a website is hosted on one of the servers, Google usually ranks that site lower. Since Google and Microsoft assume that any website hosted on the service is bad, it’s important to avoid using them.

It’s all so important to understand how location can impact ranking. For example, websites hosted outside the United States will often have longer load times then websites hosted within the United States. In addition, it’s important to understand how web domains will have an impact on load time. When a website domain is located outside the United States, it will have longer load times than when that domain is located within the United States. Because of this, is important to make sure that the website targets a local person or group. If a website does not target a certain group, it will usually have lower ranking than a website that is targeted.

In addition, it’s important to understand how load times can be impacted by the time of day. While most search engines can automatically account for this type of activity, some may not. Because of this, it’s a good idea to check to make sure that the website is accessible at all times during the day. If there is a peak time during the day where website access slows down, it’s a good idea to move to a new web host. This can ensure that future performance is good, and it can also ensure that website will not be penalized by major search engines.
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Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville, SC Are you tired of visitors leaving your website? Convert them into leads today!

Your website is a great tool to attract customers and increase sales. However, increasing sales is hard to do if you don’t have an attractive website design and search engine optimization. You need something that will give customers a reason to stick around and learn more. Here are some tips to help you convert your visitors into leads and more sales.

Get An Email List Started

Customers will be happy to give basic contact information in order to learn more. Getting an email list going will help you get in touch with customers now while also having their information on file for future marketing efforts. You can send a price quote, product information or set up an appointment for a consultation through email.

Have Representatives Standing By

Adding a live chat feature to your site adds a layer of engagement that can impress a customer enough to learn more. Chatting with a customer service representative can be a great option for customers because they will have a physical record of everything that was discussed.

However, customers benefit more from this method because they don’t have to wait for you to respond to their inquiry. Customers can also stay anonymous if they choose to be. Don’t worry about not being able to get customer information through this method. If customers are sold on your product, they will gladly give you their contact information.

Post Videos Of Your Product Or Service In Action

People love to watch videos. People like to see a product actually work before they will make a purchasing decision. Combining these two things can be an effective way to get visitors to your site to stay on your site.

Customers will only buy a product if it adds some value to their lives. Through a video, you can teach customers how they can save money, make a larger profit or cut their workday in half with just a few easy steps.

A smart site owner will place an order form at the end of the video. It is an easy way to capitalize on the positive reaction that has been generated. As with any other good online business, you need to give customers multiple payment options. Credit and debit cards as well as PayPal should be standard payment options.

The design of your website can help keep customers from leaving without buying your product. Get an email address, offer live chat or post videos featuring your product in action. These are three ways that you can gain customer information for future marketing purposes or make sales right away. While this may seem like a lot of work, your site can complete steps to lower its bounce rate in just a few minutes.
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5 Easy Steps to improve your web design on your website – Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC

The Five Easiest Ways To Improve a Site’s Web Design!

Web design is a touchy and extremely important aspect of building a successful online presence. Without a clean, fast and easy-to-use site, many visitors will leave a site almost immediately. This can be frustrating and lose potential customers every day that it is left unchecked.

These are the five easiest ways to improve the design of a website.

1. KISS – “Keep it Simple, Stupid!

The most important factor to creating a successful website is the simplicity of the user experience. Many sites will make it complicated for a user to navigate their site, or even worse, to pay for a transaction. All complicated and unnecessary steps should be immediately changed or removed. If the site is artistic, it is perfectly fine to add artistic elements to the design of the site. If it’s a simple business site, it should look and function professionally. The visual aspects should all be relevant and professionally done. The site will essentially be a small glimpse into the business for a potential viewer, meaning a messy and ugly site will speak volumes to the viewer of the quality of the business.

2. Make it as fast as possible without degrading the quality.

Slow-loading pages are notoriously poor performers. If a site takes too long, a viewer will often simply give up and continue searching for another site. They often do not have the patience to sit through a slow-loading site if they do not already use and trust the business. Fast-loading, simple sites are an easy way to develop an early sense of trust with potential customers and clients.

3. Make it Professional.

Professionalism is a very difficult thing to translate through design, but it can be achieved. The easiest way to do this is to contract a professional web developer that will be responsible for the site. The next best way is to study well-constructed sites of successful businesses in a particular field and notice how their site is organized and how the writing is worded. A successful website often uses sentence structures that appeal to their target market’s educational level.

4. Regularly have the site reviewed by professionals.

The easiest way to ensure that a site continues to grow and produce fantastic results is to ask professionals what their opinion on the site is. Key questions to ask are:

  • Can the site be made faster without reducing its quality?
  • Can any steps be made faster or more convenient for our visitors?
  • Is there any way that we can generate more revenue for the site without negatively affecting the viewer’s perspective of the business?
  • Can the layout of the site be better or more professionally done?

5. Test, test, test.

The most important aspect of successful web development is basing all decisions on evidence and expert opinions. Once something has been implemented, it is critical to keep track of how it affects the viewers’ behavior and whether or not the decision is a net improvement or a net loss. Sometimes, excellent decisions will have unexpected consequences that cannot be predicted. Sometimes bugs in code happen. Sometimes a button will not be obvious to certain viewers. These are all factors that need to be observed in order to ensure a positive experience for the potential customer or client.

These five steps can easily take any website to the next level.
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