Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC talks about why web design is important for ecommerce success

Why is eCommerce web design important for online success? The primary function of eCommerce websites is to lead visitors to the website and convert them into customers by having them buy something. An efficient web designer has to take into account the various techniques he can use to design an eCommerce website that will attract customers.

You may be wondering what makes an eCommerce different from other websites because from a casual glance they all look the same. But there is actually a difference if you look closely. Essentially an eCommerce website function, as previously stated, is to engage its visitors in purchasing. Therefore an eCommerce website has very little margin for error when it comes to its design and functionality.

There are certain characteristics that identify an eCommerce website. Mainly that it allows the end user to navigate effortlessly online. The trust levels of your visitors’ increase once your website is secure and endorsed by reputable online finance processing companies. Let your visitors know who you are as the website owner. Once your customers have a problem free experience they will return to shop; in addition making referrals to their family and friends.

Now that you understand the basic function of an eCommerce website the challenge is to direct people your website so that they will buy. How do we accomplish this? How do we get visitors through our virtual door? Considering that it is much more challenging to market products in the virtual world because of certain disadvantages.

For one thing, people’s sense of smell and touch cannot be used to lure them into your store to buy, the way it is used in business, in the brick and mortar world. This is a clear disadvantage because those are two of the most important receptors that influence our decision making.

In the absence of the use of these receptors website designers have developed strategies to lead heavy volumes of online traffic to an eCommerce website. The strategy is simple and effective and by landing visitors to your site in one click or possibly two clicks maximum is the way to get them there.

Sales letter websites take full advantage of this technique because it consists of one page. Online shops employ a more personalized approach to visitors due to the variety of items for sale. Have an experienced eCommerce website designer layout your site; as this person will understand the importance of proper layout and know how to do it in order to capture sales.
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