5 Things A Manufacturer should know when seeking web design – Cohesive Ideas located in Greenville SC

Something that your business will eventually have to deal with is seeking out reliable web design to set up a web presence for your company. In 2012, it is almost impossible to not even have a basic web presence for your company, especially as more and more online databases grow up compiling local and nationwide businesses for consumers to seek out.

Firstly, a manufacturer should always be aware that you get what you pay for. Quality design is just like any other business, and it doesn’t necessarily come cheap. Factoring in design time, coding, consultations with you the client, and securing the server space and URL, a web designer can spend a considerable amount of time on a website, and time in any industry means money.

When selecting someone to do web design for you, remember to look at their portfolio of work. All good designers or design firms will have portfolios of styles and layouts that they have done. This way, you can get a sense as to whether or not that particular designer can work and has worked in the style you’d like your web design to be.

You need to consider the pro’s and cons of going with an independent freelance designer or and entire design firm itself. While a design firm can perhaps be more reliable to work with in terms of results, working with a reliable freelancer means that more time and effort is going into your individual project.

There are a lot of hosting options, and often the hosting itself is paid for and pre-chosen by clients before seeking out and beginning basic web design. Even some fundamental research through Google or by asking fellow business owners or even family friends can lead to finding some great and reliable hosting options. A well-put-together website is ultimately useless if the hosting fails and no one can find it or access it.

Also, something to keep in mind is that in this day and age, mobile-web options are important to have for your web presence. Be sure that your web designer and overall web design plan include mobile web options, in order for your website to be able to read more effectively on tablets and smartphones, one of the fastest-growing platforms for reading the web these days.

By keeping these points in mind, your decisions regarding finding quality web design for your company will ultimately lead to a high-quality web presence.

Cohesive Web Design
330 E Coffee St
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 498-1900


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