Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC discusses the difference between web design and web development

A web developer and a web designer are not the same thing. A designer shows visitors what they see when visiting the site. A developer works on the website’s functionality. The developer and the designer must work together to make the website function correctly and make Greenville web design pleasing to the eye for the website owner.

When a website is broken down there are four things to consider: content, usability, functionality, and how the website looks and feels. This why it is critical these two people work together as it becomes a complicated process.

Web design will have the fonts and colors along with the layout for all the pages on the site. Projecting the imagery is very important to the site’s visitors. They will create the content that a copywriter will have written. Sometimes they will have to rewrite it to make it work. This content can be the home page to product descriptions to an faq to an about me page. A designer needs to know Photoshop and HTML. Laying out the content for the site and animation can be part of their job.

Web development provides the testing and functionality that provides features that are interactive on the site. From clicking a button to viewing a product to using the shopping cart to contacting customer support, and many more items. The developer has to know computer languages like HTML, PHP, Java, and Perl including Flash, to animate the graphics, to make the coding work on the site.

When a visitor uses the website, a developer will pretend to be them while navigating the site. Is it user friendly? Does the program interact with each other seamlessly? No matter what browser is used or a web server that hosts the website, all languages have to come together for the functions of the site to work properly.

A web developer also has to create backend operations that a non technical person can use that is user friendly. The site owner can look at sales and traffic reports and keep track of inventory.

It takes either a large company or large budget to hire separate people for every single thing to make a website happen. This is why a web designer and a web developer has to stay focused on the site owners wishes. This is also another reason why there is two complete differences in the two but needing to blend cohesively together.
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