Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC discusses banner website design techniques for success

Banner website design is a fascinating tactic web designers have used to be able to capture the attention of potential customers for their clients. Today we are always looking for new designs to grab visitor’s attention to get them to click, to send them to our web pages.

How many of us have seen a banner like “Do Not Click Here”? Like most of us, you clicked on it. This is what makes a simple sentence so powerful and banners need to do this to compel website visitors to click through to the website . This example of curiosity has been very effective and web designers must constantly come up with new ways to get a reaction like this. We are always looking for ways today to arouse curiosity and get visitor’s attention.

Banner designer’s goal is to get the attention of visitor to click on the banner. The “Do Not Click Here” banner example, doesn’t let us know what is on the next page. This design does not arouse a visitor’s curiosity and makes it almost impossible to get the visitor to click and see information lies behind the mystery button.

Ad words should not arouse the visitor’s interest or hurt the main flow of the web page. Ad words should look like part of the search results so that the user has the feeling that the content is there because they asked for it. This simple design scheme has helped Google to promote effectively their search engine, and at the same time their AdWords advertising program. Banner designers have learned to use interactive technologies; to develop banners that allow the user to take action.  Flash is an example of this action. Getting the user into the action is intelligently accomplished in creative ways. Web designers use popular old games theme elements to create an action link. Letting the user take part in the action at the right moment allows the mind to be less resistant, which in turn allows the sales message to be read more effectively. The biggest disadvantage is that the banner is not allowed many times because it distracts from the web page content.

A banner fashion trend we’ve seen lately is Black and White banners.  The idea is to be different in some way and to stir the curiosity of the potential visitor and hopefully get them to click on it.

A similar concept allows advertisers ad spaces with high pixel content which entertains visitors and gets them curious enough in time, to click these unorganized pixel banners.

What will be the next trend of banner design?  If we could predict that, then we would implement immediately and ride the wave of effective website banners.
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  1. Jeff Gilden · March 8, 2013

    Banner design is often fascinating. There are many ways to create a banner to lead the visitor to click. Great post!

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