Why you should make sure your web design isn’t annoying – Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC

Every website owner strives to keep his or her website appealing to visitors so as to keep them interested in what the site has to offer. Owners also want their sites to load as fast as possible so as to avoid losing visitors that are impatient. The rising bandwidth rates allocated to each computer however overwhelm designers. They therefore create overly sophisticated website design that eventually slows down the rate at which these sites load.

Websites may also take a long time to load due to the page size. The larger the page size, the longer it takes to load therefore the more traffic you lose. Attractive and well organized websites can however also be created by use of coding systems such as CSS.

This coding system enables webmasters to optimize their websites graphically by slicing up the initial heavy laden designs without losing the initial beauty of these designs. CSS coding enables you to reduce the size or your webpage while maintaining its aesthetic appeal by concentrating on four key areas:

  • Color – The more color contained in a given slice the larger your page will get. Therefore, ensure that you use small slices with a small amount of color per slice.
  • Graphic Structure – When slicing up graphical structures on your site use small slices from a portion of the structure and make copies of this slice using codes.
  • File Formatting – Chose a suitable format to use depending on the number of colors you are working with. For a small number of colors, the GIF format is best suited since the image will look smaller as compared to the JPEG file format. When working with a lot of color, go for the JPEG file format.
  • Text and Background Colors – You can use CSS coding to come up with text written on a colored background. Simply define the color of the background and the font of the text to suit the size of your web page and you are good to go.

There are however more options that will enable you create smaller websites that load easily while remaining attractive. The use of CSS2 and JavaScript coding languages, however tasking, will give you a professional edge on your site.

With the wireless internet age upon us, fast loading websites will go a long way in ensuring your visitors frequent your site while recommending it to others seeking information offered by your site.

Cohesive Web Design
330 E Coffee St
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 498-1900


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